2018 Big Easy Mardi Gras Parade schedule

It's Mardi Gras time in the Big Easy. Parades! Parades! Parades! flolled by more Parades, Parties, and a night at the bars. Check out our complete Parade schedule


Wednesday Feb 7


Druids 6:30 pm
Nyx 7:00 pm


Thursday Feb 8


Knights of Babylon 5:30 pm
Chaos 6:15 pm
Muses 6:30 pm

Friday, Feb 9


Hermes 6:00 pm
Le Krewe D'etat 6:30 pm
Morpheus 7:00 pm 

Krewe of Bosom Buddies 11:30 am French Quarter
Selene 6:30 pm Slidell
Orpheus 7:00 pm Mandeville
Centurions 7:00 pm Metairie

Saturday, Feb 10


Iris 11:00 am
Tucks Noon

NOMTOC 10:45 am Westbank
Endymion 4:15 pm Mid-City
Isis 6:30 pm Metairie

Sunday Feb 11


Okeanos 11:00 am
Mid-City 11:45 am
Thoth Noon
Bacchus 5:15 pm

Napoleon 5:00 pm Metairie
Athena 5:30 pm Metairie



Monday Feb 12 


Proteus 5:15 pm
Orpheus 6:00 pm

Tuesday Feb 13


Rex 10:00
Elks Orleanians(Truck) Follows
Crescent City(Truck) Follows

Argus 10:00 am Metairie
Krewe of Elks Jefferson Follows Metairie Truck Parade
Krewe of Jefferson Follows Metairie Truck Parade


In the Books

Friday Feb 2


Oshun 6:00 pm
Cleopatra 6:30 pm

Krewe of Cork 3:00 pm French Quarter Walking Parade
Eve 7:00 pm Mandeville
Excalibur 7:00 pm Metairie


Saturday Feb 3


Pontchartrain 1:00 pm
Choctaw 2:00 pm
Freret 3:00 pm
Sparta 6:00 pm
Pygmallion 6:15 pm

Krewe of Paws 10:00 am Slidell
Adonis 11:45 am Westbank
Tchefuncte 1:00 pm Madisonville
Nemesis 1:00 pm St. Bernard
Caesar 6:00 pm Metairie
'tit Rex 5:00 pm Marigny Walking Parade
Olympia 6:00 pm Covington
Caesar 6:00 pm Metairie
Chewbacchus 7:00 pm Marigny Walking Parade
Titans 6:30 pm Slidell


Sunday Feb 4


Femme Fatale 11:00 am
Carrollton Noon
King Arthur Follows
Alla Follows

Claude 1:00 pm Slidell
Dionysus 2:00 pm Slidell
Barkus 2:00 pm French Quarter

Saturday Jan 6

Phunny Phorty Phellows 7:00 pm Uptown Streetcar
Joan of Arc 7:00 pm French Quarter Walking Parade
Société Du Champs Elysée 7:30 pm French Quarter Streetcar


Saturday Jan 27

Krewe du Vieux 6:30 pm French Quarter

The Mature Themed walking parade trought the Quater. For many this is the official kick of to Mardi Gras. Many of good times to be had at this local favorite. 

Krewe Delusion Follows French Quarter Walking Parade
Bilge 12:00 pm Slidell
Poseidon6:00 pm Slidell
Mona Lisa & Moon Pie 7:00 pm Slidell

Sunday Jan 28 

Little Rascals Noon Metairie
Slidellians 1:00 pm Slidell
Perseus 2:00 pm Slidell